Ratna Dutt Chief Executive

Ratna Dutt

Ratna is Chief Executive of Race Equality Foundation. She started her professional life as a qualified social worker.

Her background in social work has prompted Ratna to become involved in areas of work including: race equality in child care and child protection, adoption, mental health and workforce issues. Ratna has written extensively on these issues including: a chapter in The Child’s World (Horwath, 2010), ‘Assessing the Needs of Black and Minority Ethnic Children and Families’, (Dutt, R and Phillips, M) and Meeting the Challenge, A good practice guide for the recruitment and retention of Black and minority ethnic workers, REU (Harris, V and Dutt, R (2005). In 2014 she also wrote ‘Exploring intimate relationship experiences of Asian disabled women’. Her interest in adoption has also seen her Chair a number of adoption Panels over the years. At present she is Chair of an Adoption/Permanence Panel in an inner city London local authority.  

Ratna was a member of the ‘NHS Future Forum’ an independent advisory panel set up by the Government in April 2011 and a member of Future Forum phase 2. At present she is a member of National Stakeholder Forum which is led by the Secretary of State for Health and supported by the full Ministerial team and the Department of Health’s senior leadership. She is also a member of the Ministerial group on Equalities and Mental Health, and of the Government led Dementia Board. She received an OBE in 2000 for her work in race equality.