• 'We have been impressed by your commitment to this project and that you have delivered that which was required within the tight timescales.  You rose to every challenge that was encountered and we are therefore grateful to you for the dedication that was shown'.

    Bekah Little, Head of Programme at the Children's Workforce Development Council (CWDC)
  • I have facilitated about 6 SFSC groups now and I am always apprehensive at the start of the course but by the end I'm pleased and sad at the same time,,, pleased to see how parents have progressed and what they have achieved and sad to say "goodbye" to that group!

    Facilitator, Grimsby
  • A fantastic opportunity to network and share experiences and developments in the SFSC parenting programme

    Delegate at SFSC 2011 Conference
  • Conference inspires and motivates you to continue delivering SFSC and improving what you do in your own local community

    Delegate at SFSC 2011 Conference
  • I just want to express my thanks for organising this event; I am very grateful that I could attend this very useful and informative day. I learned a lot and made some very useful contacts. All the speakers were excellent, providing information extremely relevant to my area of work.

    Delegate from In your own words event
  • I found the presentations and ensuing discussions very interesting and informative and outright passionate!

    Delegate from In your own words event
  • I look forward to updates and any future seminars on this and similar topics.

    Delegate from In your own words event
  • I attended the conference on Interpreting and translation services and would like to say a big thank you for organising this event. It was extremely informative and enlightening and was well organised.

    Delegate from In your own words event
  • This has been well organised and really inspirational, thank you

    Delegate from In your own words event
  • It’s been great to meet so many people across the sector.  The workshops were really interesting and so were the main discussions.

    Delegate from In your own words event
  • It was a rare opportunity for me to meet in one place commissioning professionals, procurement representatives and small businesses specialising in providing interpreting and translation services across England. It was apparent that commissioners did not fully understand the procurement role and procurement looked puzzled by the commissioners’ approach to the market place. Furthermore, it was obvious small interpretation and translation services providers were dissatisfied with the many obstacles to access public contracts

    Renata Towlson speaking about the In your own words event
  • I thought the REF 'riots' conference went very well

    Delegate from After the Riots conference
  • I just wanted to thank you and all your colleagues at the Race Equality Foundation for organizing the After the Riots conference on Saturday.

    It was indeed a great event, inspiring and uplifting. I feel that it was a very creative event offering much to think about.  So much care had clearly gone into organizing everything from the selection of the panels to the mix of those who attended, to the excellent catering for us all. 

    I am sure you must have all been heartened by the energy and dynamism of the afternoon.

    Meena Sharin, delegate at the After the Riots conference
  • It was a good conference, and I do hope that much of what was discussed will be acted upon


    Jennifer Mcdermott, delegate at After the Riots conference
  • I found the conference really interesting and well-organised. It was particularly interesting to note the often contradictory narratives in terms of causes. Certain parts of the media seem to want to paint the riots as "race riots" (whereas, apart from the intial trigger event in Tottenham, this doesn't seem to have been the case), whilst at the same time playing down any class/poverty aspects (e.g. the constant reference in certain papers to a "millionaire's daughter" being arrested for looting). I thought it was good to hear the differences between rioting and looting being so clearly spelled out - now that's something I haven't seen in the Daily Mail!

    Adrian Jones, Delegate at After the Riots