• Greatly appreciated the level of critical information and strategic discussion linked directly to practical and direct advice and information about action possible.

    Delegate from Exeter JSNA training
  • Useful to have an overview of JSNA and to start thinking about how information can be disseminated.

    Delegate from Exeter JSNA training
  • Thank you so much for the four week parenting course- it seriously works!! If I have another baby, can I repeat the course?
    It really has helped, I have really noticed a difference in our family. Even when problems arise I feel better equipped; I can access my tool box of information to deal with it: I feel calm, and in control and, best of all, confident that I do know what to do. The best thing is knowing that for every behaviour there is a reason; I can rationalise [my daughter's] behaviour. I really feel empowered and able to deal with behaviours that arise- even in only four weeks! (which is how long it takes to change a behaviour- it's true!) The course was so straightforward, uncomplicated and realistic.  The advice given is easy to transfer to the home environment- which is all down to both of you being so friendly and approachable.

    This will make you laugh: you have become my driving instructor! I was never a very confident learner driver, but having had a good instructor I felt confident driving, even now I can hear him occasionally in my head when I drive. I know that sounds odd! That's kind of how it is now, when a problem arises with [my daughter] I can refer to you talking us through situations and it helps- thank you!

    CANparent delegate
  • I think the first bulletin looks excellent!

    Recipient of Race Equality Foundation newsletter
  • Keep up the good work!

    Recipient of Race Equality Foundation newsletter
  • This course is very wonderful.  It has helped me in so many ways, such as building confidence, social skills and interaction.  I enjoy it and I don't want it to end.  I am a new woman now.

    Parent speaking about the SFSC parenting programme
  • I have found this course very useful.  This course has expanded my own thoughts and beliefs.

    Parent speaking about the SFSC parenting programme
  • The roundtable conference, in my view, was wonderful. It was interactive, informative and forward thinking

    Delegate from Health and Housing Roundtable event
  • I thought it was a very good event. Quite thought-provoking stuff from all the speakers. The discussion sessions were also very useful and raised awareness of various key issues relating to housing and its links with health/well-being.The food was excellent too!

    Delegate from Health and Housing Roundtable event
  • Thank you very much for delivering such a provoking presentation yesterday. You really highlighted the challenges BME women face and the different debates and theories.  Your presentation was a real eye opener especially to those who have not considered how the factors you highlighted contribute to disadvantage.

    Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule.

    Kau Belleh, The Women's Empowerment conference
  • Just a short note to thank you both so much for attending and contributing to the conference last week.  It was deemed a great success,  and your contributions were a key part of that.  The evaluations were excellent, and there was mention of both of you as being a very important part of the event.

    I hope we can work together again before too long.  Thanks a million for your help and support.

    John Coleman, University of Oxford
  • Thank you both so much for contributing to the conference last week.  It was deemed a great success,  and your contributions were a key part of that.  

    John Coleman, University of Oxford
  • I did the online Strengthening Families programme. It was a combination on online modules and group Skype sessions. Fortunately I live in Camden and did the course for free. I received a CANparent voucher by post and I started considering taking part in a parenting course. I had already been thinking of what I could do to help my son grow up in this day and age, to keep him safe and well-rounded and this free course was the perfect opportunity. There were a variety of courses to choose from, the Strengthening Families online one was best for me. I could choose to study in my own time and I found it easy to fit it in my busy week. I contacted the Strengthening Families team and Jade helped me register. She was the person that I had contact with throughout when I needed help and in Skype sessions. 

    I was most impressed with the structure of the course and the website; it was user-friendly and written in simple English. I appreciated the videos with other parent's point of view and experiences. I really liked that in this course I was given the opportunity to discuss anything that could have been misunderstood in the group Skype session. It was helpful having a chat to refresh my memory on the subjects I had just studied and was an additional way of keeping those ideas in my head, plus Jade made us feel so comfortable and the calls always had a structure so me and the other parents all had our chance to express our point of view or share experiences. 

    I discovered a new world and I realised that having a structure in your parental style makes a difference. This course provides practical ideas that are easy to remember and the different areas of study are key development stages of our children's growth. Often people have the perception that the moment you become a parent you know what to do or the knowledge comes to you somehow... but is far from being real. This course has been mind-opening and so important for both me and my child. I think all parents need guidance and support. They need to know that around them there are tools and simple techniques they can introduce to the child's life that will help them both: becoming closer to one another, communicating more and growing together. I am so glad I took this course, I have learned a great deal about being a parent and it was so worth it! I will treasure all the advice and I will definitely practice how to give clear instructions, I will keep the special time as part of our routine, I will pay more attention to my child's feelings and I will do my absolute best to teach my child the skills they need throughout life. 

    Where I come from there is no such thing as online parental course to assist new parents in their journey, our mother's presence and support seems to be enough but when we become parents sometimes we agree, other times we disagree with the way we have been parented so we need to create a balance between our traditions and the modern ways. This course allows you to marry the two parts, to find your own style without losing touch with your culture.

    Nowadays there is so much pressure on new parents to bring up individuals that are going to shape our future society and often being under pressure can lead to stress and frustration. These elements are not healthy for the child's upbringing and can often lead parents to make mistakes that can easily be avoided. I personally think that if we have so many expectations for the new generations we cannot simply watch them become the perfect adults by themselves, see what they can achieve in their life. If we want self-respected, self-confident and self-disciplined adults we need to invest in the systems that work and one way to achieve the final goal is by funding and promoting the hard work of many behind the CANparent scheme. I was lucky enough to access the course with a voucher because I live in Camden but what about other parts of London, other parents who are not so fortunate and I see this as a wasted resource. We have a chance here to turn things around and give a big advantage to our children and their future and also a big help to all new parents.

    CANparent attendee
  • The approach was fantastic and extremely well put together.  It flowed well and took you through a process with opportunities to participate.  It was very participatory. It was a great way of sharing and learning.

    Michelle Dunn, Birmingham Cross City CCG, feedback on interpreting project
  • It flowed well and took you through a process with opportunities to participate.

    Feedback on interpreting project