What we have produced

What we have produced

For more information, please contact Kat Nower or Tracey Bignall

We have produced a number of resources as part of the Better Health project, including:

Better Health briefing papers

Central to the Better Health project is a collection of evidence-based briefing papers containing research, good practice tips, resources, and key messages targeted towards frontline health practitioners. Although the papers focus on a variety of different issues and ethnic groups, overarching themes include:

  • the impact of personal or institutional racism on black and minority ethnic service users and staff.
  • limitations in the provision of culturally, ethnically and linguistically appropriate health services.
  • obstacles to participation and engagement by black and minority ethnic service users in health services, such as segregation, dispersal or language.
  • intersections between age, disability, gender, faith, poverty and ethnicity.
  • best practice examples to tackle discrimination and disadvantage.

View a list of Better Health briefing papers (external website)

Dr Leander Neckles, in collaboration with the Race Equality Foundation, has provided a series of briefings and response papers on a variety of topics. Her latest briefing is Preventing deaths in detention of adults with mental health conditions.

Better Health website

The Better Health (external website) provides access to the full collection of Better Health briefings, alongside supplementary collections of related resources, weblinks and events listings. The site also provides news and current affairs information to highlight the changing legislative background to equality issues, and provide guidance to help practitioners embed good practice in their everyday work.   

To suggest future briefings, or include resources or events on the Better Health website, please contact Kat Nower.

Visit Better Health (external website)

Follow us

You can now follow the Better Health project in several ways:

We have also attended number of local, national and regional events to distribute the Better Health briefings and disseminate information about the project. 

If you would like briefings for distribution, or for a member of staff to speak about the issues covered by the Better Health briefing collection, then please do get in touch with Kat Nower.

Evaluation of the TRIF programme

Evaluation reports are now available from CDF on the results of the TRIF funding:

Although the TRIF funding has now finished, the Foundation will continue our work under the Better Health project.

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