House of Lords Committee accepts social workers should consider ethnicity in adoption

Posted on Thu 20 Dec 2012

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Race Equality Foundation welcomes Select Committee report on Adoption Legislation.

The House of Lords Select Committee on Adoption Legislation has criticised the proposed changes to adoption legislation being brought forward by the Government.  The committee, chaired by Baroness Butler-Sloss concluded:

"…the Committee agrees with the aim of avoiding any unnecessary delay in placing children with adopters, we do not agree with the Government’s proposal to remove the requirement to consider ethnicity when matching children with families. We have not been convinced that this process causes significant delay and we are concerned that to remove the requirement entirely might send a message to those working in the field that these issues do not matter, when clearly they are all components of a child’s identity. We believe that race, religion, culture and language should continue to be taken into account when placing children in new homes."

Ratna Dutt, Chief Executive of the Race Equality Foundation, said:

"The ill-advised and poorly evidenced proposals that the Government is attempting to bring forward have been further undermined by the Select Committee’s conclusions.  We will continue to work with colleagues who are actually concerned with achieving the best outcomes for children to ensure that ethnicity is given due consideration in their placement needs."

The Foundation’s submission to the Select Committee can be viewed here:

The Select Committee report can be viewed here: