Joint review of health and care sector investment in the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector

Posted on Thu 29 Jan 2015

Joint review of health and care sector investment in the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector
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The Race Equality Foundation are involved in the VCSE Review, which is currently being conducted by Department of Health, NHS England, Public Health England and the VCSE sector.  The review will assess the impact upon the VCSE sector of government and statutory sector funding, commissioning and partnerships and to consider whether changes are required which would better support the:

  • demonstrable contribution of the VCSE sector to achieving health and wellbeing goals;
  • capacity and sustainability of the sector; 
  • independence, inclusivity and diversity of the sector, including its ability to promote equality and provide an effective voice for the most disadvantaged in society.

The review will make recommendations about maximising the value of the £25m central grant programme. It will also consider the impact of cross-government spending on the VCSE health and care sector and on local relationships between VCSE organisations and Clinical Commissioning Groups, Health and Wellbeing Boards, councils and other statutory bodies.  It will also consider the broader social, economic and political context in which the VCSE now operates, taking account of the current state of the sector, the impact of austerity and other relevant factors.

The advisory group will present a report to Ministers in spring 2015 with recommendations on how they can best support the VCSE sector during the new Parliament.  We want to encourage as many and as wide a range of kinds of VCSE organisation as possible to engage with and feed into the review.

We will be feeding back the provisional findings of the public review to our system partners in mid March.  The deadline for submissions is therefore 2nd March.

How to get involved:
1. Contribute your thoughts online at VCSE review website.  You can leave comments or submit proposed guest blogs.
2. The review advisory group are happy to talk at events or meetings and to contribute articles to newsletters and bulletins. Please contact Emma Easton to discuss.
3. Submit evidence, case studies or research papers on the VCSE review website or contact Tricia Rich.

A more detailed briefing on the purpose of and approach taken by the review is available on the VCSE review website.