Dementia and Black and Minority Ethnic Communities: resources

We have collected the following reports, toolkits and publications as part of our Dementia and Black and Minority Ethnic Communities project. They cover a wide range of issues and communities. If there is something we need to add, please do get in contact with us

Websites and organisations

Presentations from our events

Dementia and black and minority ethnic communities - David Truswell (London and Birmingham events)

DDXN - Dr Jay Chauhan (Birmingham event)

Yecco - Alex Jadavji (Birmingham event)

BME Communities and Dementia - Akhlak Rauf (Leeds event)

London Chinese dementia awareness and support project - Tom Lam (London event)

Articles and publications

Academic Research and publications

Dementia in Gypsy and Traveller Communities             





  • An information poster about the signs and symptoms of dementia was produced for use by primary health care workers for the Traveller Community
  • As a result of the training from The Society perspective we understood more about the resources that are needed to improve awareness about dementia in the Traveller Community but also a deeper understanding of the needs of Travellers and the issues they are faced with


  • Hodges, N., Cemlyn, S., (2013) The Accommodation Experiences of Older Gypsies and Travellers: Personalisation of Support and Coalition Policy, Social Policy and Society, Volume 12, Issue 2, April 2013, p.p. 205-219,

In the press

Dementia, Culture and Ethnicity Issues for All, Edited by Julia Botsford and Karen Harrison Dening