Violence prevention bibliography: What do we know works?

Author: Nower, Kat

Event: After the Riots

Publisher: Race Equality Foundation

Publication date: February 2012

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This bibliography was produced in response to the August riots, to bring together research and best practice in violence prevention methods.  Using the WHO World Report on Violence and Health as a starting point, it also looks specifically at the role that good parenting can play in limiting aggressive or violent behaviour.  It also focuses on evidence from the UK, whilst at the same time, acknowledging that the violence prevention research agenda is better developed in other countries, notably the United States.


This bibliography is by no means a ‘finished product’- we both welcome your suggestions, and anticipate a wealth of research in the months following the August riots. If you would like to contribute to this bibliography, please contact Kat Nower, Information Officer at the Race Equality Foundation.

Please note, some abstracts have been taken directly from the referenced resource. Many thanks also to the British Library- much of the section on gangs and crime is taken from their reading list ‘Youth gangs, knife and gun crime’.