Calling for a national strategy to address rising race and religious hate crime in England and Wales

Author: Dr Leander Neckles

Publisher: Race Equality Foundation

Publication date: July 2016

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Since the Brexit announcement, we have seen numerous press reports about the rise in reported race and religious hate crimes. This report looks beyond the headlines and draws together evidence that supports our call for a new national strategy for England and Wales to combat race and religious hate crime and foster good community relations. This report:

  • explains what we are calling for as well as how readers can use this report  (part 1);
  • defines key terms (part 2);
  • provides facts and figures on racist and religious  incidents and race and religious hate crime (part 3 and appendix 1);
  • comments on the deficiencies of the Government’s 2012 Hate Crime Action Plan, the 2014 progress report, and reflects on recent announcements by the Government and the Equality and Human Rights Commission (part 4);
  • provides data on reported racist incidents by Police Force for 2011/12 to 2014/15 (appendix 1);
  • supports, and encourages readers to support, the call for a new national strategy made by Operation Black Vote,  the Race Equality Foundation, members of the Coalition of Race Equality Organisations (CORE) and other partners.

Please, find our press release "Action Against Hate, the UK Government’s new plan for tackling hate crime, not an effective strategy to reduce race hate crime".