Exploring intimate relationship experiences of Asian disabled women

Author: Dutt, Ratna

Publisher: Race Equality Foundation

Publication date: September 2014

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There is a dearth of evidence on social relationships of disabled people in general and on disabled women and intimate relationships in particular. The limitations of the research literature on intimate relationships is even more pronounced in relation to black and minority ethnic disabled women. We know however that there is some evidence, particularly relating to the Government’s wellbeing agenda, which suggests that social relationships, particularly those that are intimate in nature, have a positive impact on wellbeing.

This study seeks to:

  • increase the knowledge base about the experiences of Asian disabled women in forming and maintaining intimate relationships; and
  • help identify policy implications for service providers in relation to Asian disabled women and the wellbeing agenda.

 It explores:

  • the views and experiences of Asian disabled women relating to intimate relationships;
  • whether there are barriers to forming such relationships; and
  • whether and how the forming of intimate relationships impacts the wellbeing and other relationships of Asian disabled women.