Can You Hear Me? Engagement Event on Interpreting Services [Bristol]

Can You Hear Me? Engagement Event on Interpreting Services [Bristol]
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Patient and carers who normally use a community language such as Punjabi, Yoruba or Farsi may need to have good quality interpreting services to support them when using health services. The NHS and local health providers want to make sure patients get the right care. Providing good interpreting services can help with this. NHS England want to work with those who use interpreting services and those who commission these services, to produce a Community Language Information Standard.

How can you help?

The Race Equality Foundation holding a local discussion with patients, carers, clinicians, commissioners and providers.

  • What is a good interpreting service?
  • What would the standard need to include?
  • How can best practice be commissioned?

Tell us what you think by attending this session and taking part in the discussion.

The event is free, but you do have to reserve a place. 

We will try to provide leaflets in other languages where possible. Please contact Tracey Bignall should you require further assistance.